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What's in a name?

Of course, we’re quoting Shakespeare.

Like the great Bard, we’re English. And we both have an affinity for things Italian. He liked the merchants and troubadours, while we’re partial to the artisans who turn the world’s finest leathers into our exquisite shoes and other products.

But we digress...Our name-Royal Albartross.

What? Why? Where’s the bird? No, that’s albatross. Something very different. We have an extra “r”,preferably pronounced with a little rolling of the tongue.

While albatross is a lovely golf term (it’s the very rare three-under-par shot, like holing out in two on a par five) that’s not where we got the name.

Albartross is our bird, and a lovely one she is,

Alex Bartholomew, our founder.

It started when she visited a men’s boutique called

Albatros, in a lovely little Italian town on the coast. She loved the name and its similarity to the golf term, gave it a wee tweak with that extra R, and came up with Albartross.

Which, not coincidentally, combines parts of her name, Alex Bartholomew, with that of her husband, Ross.

As for the Royal? Well, we are British. (And when you wear our shoes or other products, you’ll feel like royalty.)

Clever, right? It’s more than just another golf term because our golf shoes are more than just golf shoes. They’re high fashion, exquisite luxury, the ultimate combination of style and function. As are our belts, wallets, handbags, and other products and accessories. Only the best.

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