Royal Albartross

About Us

Royal Albartross was founded when we set out to create the world's finest golf shoe, where design incorporated the best of traditional craftsmanship and technical advances. Several years later, our journey has resulted in a beautiful collection of leather footwear and accessories that marry both golf and a luxury lifestyle. We are proudly British-designed and always handmade.

"Our customers appreciate the finer detailing, and the integrity that goes into every product. The investment on both sides is worth it."

Alex Bartholomew, Founder & Designer

We sourced the most skilled artisans, choosing to work with talented Italian craftsmen who use manufacturing techniques passed down from generation to generation. We choose to work with honest, reliable family-run businesses, using only the most superior leathers and components to create our luxury golf and travel accessories.

With a view to our future and our planet, we invest in great quality - in our leathers, our components, our workmanship, and our designs. Royal Albartross is not defined by quick trends or mass consumerism. Our styles are founded in the classic aesthetics of the finest game in the world, they're slower to change, built to last and hold their value. Welcome to the epitome of luxury lifestyle and golf accessories. Welcome to Royal Albartross.

"When you buy something made by a person, there is something very special there, and you do feel it. The consciousness with which a product is made, is often more important than the product itself."

J. Donald Walters