Royal Albartross



Each and every Royal Albartross golf shoe is meticulously handcrafted by master artisans in Italy and Portugal.

What sets us apart is our choice of superior materials and component combinations. Our sourcing team travel the world for only the highest quality leathers from the most reputable tanneries. We have perfected combinations of high-tech insoles, breathable linings & varying cleat placements to cushion and balance your every step on the course.

It takes eight weeks and more than 250 tasks of precise craftsmanship to create each Royal Albartross golf shoe. It is a long time, but worth it, for extraordinary shoes for deserved golfers who want only the best.

Pairing/Forming The Last

Key to the fit and feel of any shoe is the last, a 3D form that represents the anatomical information of the foot. The unique form of the last ensures our Royal Albartross shape, is the perfect fit for global golfers and style connoisseurs.

The Patterns

When developing our shoe patterns we take many different factors into consideration. While style and aesthetics are important, form follows function. We pay close attention to foot anatomy and movement during play, optimum support requirements, and finally, overall construction.

Once we have created a pattern, our master Clicker masterfully cuts each skin with precision, avoiding the natural blemishes in the leather. A pair of Royal Albartross shoes are perfectly matched at this point, with the leather grain stretching in the same direction.

The Uppers

The special combination of the last shapes and upper patterns are key to the balance and beauty of our golf shoes.

The flat leather patterns are sewn together by machine, and a firm heel counter and toe-puff are inserted for greater structural integrity and support of the upper. Precision-measured eyelets are added before the uppers are carefully stretched to take the exact form of the last prior to the sole adhesion.

The leather soles are trimmed to the last to seamlessly blend the upper to the sole of the shoe, ready for our signature stitched welt detail to complete the design.

Soling & Finishing

A stacked leather and moulded heel block is applied to the sole of the shoe, before being trimmed and buffed. The cleat receptacles are securely attached, ready for the all-important golf spikes.

Each pair of shoes is then hand-finished using a variety of bespoke polishes and buffing techniques that our craftsmen are renowned for. The shoes are meticulously inspected before being padded and packed into our shoe boxes for delivery to London, from where they are dispatched to the most stylish and discerning of golfers the world over.